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Waxing & Tinting


Waxing with the Depileve Wax, no matter what you are waxing, leaves your skin perfectly smooth with no trace of previous hair growth.  The look is natural and gorgeous. 



Brow                                                             $15

Lip or Chin                                                  $10   

Full Face                                                      $40                            

Leg 1/2                                                          $45

Leg full                                                         $75

Arm  1/2                                                       $35

Arm full                                                       $60

Bikini                                                          $35+

Brazilian                                                    $55+

Refectocil  Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

There’s no need to deal with runny mascara at the beach, or anywhere, again.  With your eyelashes tinted, you will always have dark, tantalizing eyeslashes without ever using mascara again.


How do you make them darker?

The process involves a quick procedure using vegetable dye as tint.

What colors do you have?

Depending on your skin type and hair color, we can achieve eyelash colors, including black, blue, shades of brown, grey or whatever color best fits your complexion.

Who are good candidates for lash tinting?

Eyelash tinting will benefit people that are sensitive to make-up, people who are active in sports (especially swimming) and people who have no time to apply make-up daily.

Can people who wear contacts have their lashes tinted?

This process is  ideal for people who wear contact lenses, because they don’t have to worry about mascara flakes in their eyes any longer.

Is tinting eyelashes safe?

Yes, eyelash tinting is safe when done by a professional.   

How long does it take?

Tinting your eyelash can fit into the  busiest of schedules.  A typical eyelash tinting takes around fifteen minutes.

How long does it last?

The results usually last around four to six weeks.

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