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All Keratherapy products are formulated with our exclusive KERABOND Technology
which dramatically improves the overall health, condition and manageability of the hair.






  First and foremost, these are SMOOTHING systems. Don’t be tempted to think that they will STRAIGHTEN your hair. They don’t and they are not designed to do so. They are designed to make your hair more manageable.


Keratherapy has several different formulas for different types of hair and that is what intrigued me, especially their extreme renewal for the most thick, course and most resistent hair. This type of hair can use an extreme system. Brazilian Blowout does an amazing job, but I’m always up for the latest, greatest technology.


Keratherapy works a little differently. The extreme penetrates the hair shaft with their blend of pure keratin, silk amino acides, organic shea butter emollients and natural green tea antioxidants that coats the hair to deliver long lasting nourishment and protection to hair reducing excess volume and frizz while moisturizing the hair. They claim that it lasts up to 16 weeks.



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