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 Yon-Ka Classic Facial...........$70.00
This classic facial will leave your skin radiant, healthy and glowing.  You'll instantly notice the difference in the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Lifting, Firming Facial.....approx. 75 mins.....$90.00
Though the restructuring action of horsetail, hip and collagen extracts, your face is "lifted," contours redefined and glow restored.

Deep Regenerating Facial.....approx. 75-90 mins.....$90.00
Revived by essential oils and beech buds, energized by vitamins and trace elements, your skin rediscovers its balance, suppleness and vitality.

Resurfacing Fruit Acid Treatment Facial.....approx. 55-70 mins.....$85.00
Through the action of controlled fruit acids, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the complexion is brightened and skin becomes softer, firmer and visibly younger.

Deep Hydrating Facial.....approx. 75-90 mins.....$75.00
Moisturized with seaweed and fruit extracts and bathed in a light aromatic steam, your skin becomes supple, soft and beautiful, wrinkles and lines are smoothed.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.....approx. 75 mins.....$85.00
For clean skin and a radiant complexion, this treatment includes 5 successive, very gentle cleansing steps.

Purifying/Balancing Facial.....approx. 60 mins.....$90.00
Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly efficient phyto-treatment that deals seriously with the issues of acne outbreak and problem skin for all ages.

Aromatic, Relaxing and Well-Being Facial.....approx. 60 mins.....$80.00
A real moment of softness that revitalizes your skin and restores its tone and vitality in a balancing aura of essential oils.

Head-to-Toe Reviver.....approx. 2 hours.....$125.00
A five-star treatment that envelopes you from head to toe to provide you with a total spa experience.  Tiredness drifts away in a balancing atmosphere of lavender, sage and petitgrain.

The Beauty Break.....approx. 60 mins.....$60.00
A well-deserved pause to give your skin its vitamins, restore your energy, and help you quickly rediscover a restful look in a dynamic ambience rich with the scents of citrus and garrigue.

Soothing/Balancing Treatment.....approx. 60 mins.....$70.00
A soothing treatment that protects your sensitive skin from daily stressors and strengthens its natural defenses.

Treatments for Eyes: Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Dark Circles.....add on service $20.00
Plant active ingredients and specific techniques combine to smooth away wrinkles and lines, tone eyelids and improve signs of fatigue.

Microdermabrasion.....approx. 60 mins.....$125.00

See our Microdermabrasion Page to discover what makes this treatment everyone's favorite!





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So that your skin can benefit from all that the plant world has to offer, Yon-Ka uses not only the fragrant part of the plant, but also its revitalizing essential oil charged with solar energy, plus all of the complementary ingredients contained in plant and marine extracts: vitamins, trace elements, fruit acids, etc. This combination is the foundation of Yon-Ka Face, Body and Sun beauty products.

For Yon-Ka the quality of treatments rests on the perfect knowledge of the skin, specific and accurate analysis of its needs and mastery of products and application methods.  For this reason, Yon-Ka has exclusive partnerships with professional estheticians, who advise you and suggest personalized treatments for the face and body; key components to both physical and mental well being.


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